When your warranty has run out, any problems with your hardware can cause tremendous upset.

When hardware fails and you don’t have a warranty, your only option is to spend more money. Silverbug have a way out.



The Problem You're Facing:

Your hardware has packed in and your warranty has run-out. Perhaps you didn’t even buy any.


You call the manufacturer and they advise your only option is to buy new or pay for costly repairs.

You have no idea if those claims are true. While you’re trying to work this problem out, your business is facing costly downtime.

The longer this dilemma continues, the more costly it will become for your business.

You need a solution that won’t break the bank. Silverbug have a fix.

You need a technical team who can repair any type of hardware.

This team of experts will be able to find long-term solutions to prevent this situation happening again.

A company who will be able to get you a new warranty to protect you from now on.

Silverbug is that team.

How Silverbug Sort It:

Silverbug is an approved partner of big names, such as Microsoft, HP, and Lenovo. We can offer you assurances on quality and price.

Our expertise and high level of service has given us approved and accredited partner status.

We’re experts. Our knowledge is invaluable for finding long-term solutions which deliver serious returns. You can turn a potentially tricky situation - being stuck without a warranty with broken hardware that your business relies on - into a win.

You can get back to work knowing your hardware is covered and you have an expert team right on hand, should any problems come up.

Leasing and Finance

Silverbug offers a range of finance and leasing options, enabling businesses to get the deserved IT Support with payment terms that suit.

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