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Virtual IT Director

Your business is planning for growth, so you will need the right IT capabilities to match, that's why our Expert Virtual IT Director will give you the highest levels of guidance to get you where you need to be, whenever you need it.



Our Virtual IT Director service provides you with the highest levels of IT leadership, guidance and support to drive technology developments in your business. We allow you to do what matters most, focus on your business, and leave the headache to the experts.


We like to take the time to understand your business, so our approach and solution is tailored to fit your needs.


Virtual IT Director - Business insight

Gain insight through extensive planning

Virtual IT Director - departments

Access roles & responsibilities of departments

Virtual IT Director -  internal systems

Assess network, internal systems, processes & procedures

Virtual IT Director - Business Requirements

Identify business requirements

How Silverbug Sort It:

As your Virtual IT Director, we like to take the time out to understand your business, so our approach and solution is tailored to fit your needs. We follow a strict process to ensure our documentation is on point and the right plan is in place for your business.

Silverbug must initially gain an insight into your business. This is will be done through an extensive business plan, communications with senior members of staff and regular site visits. Once this process is complete, we are able to assess the roles, responsibilities and skillsets of your current IT department – aligned with an IT Audit of your IT Infrastructure, Internal Systems, and your Processes, Policies and Procedures.

In order to recommend the right approaches and identify areas where we can deliver the best results, it is key that Silverbug identify the scope of the business though these factors. Our promise is to be able to adopt the correct strategy and provide an improved configuration between your business objectives and IT requirements. 

The service is structured towards asking the right questions and directing your business towards IT excellence. From GDPR compliance to IT budget reviews, there will be expertise on hand from the company that knows IT inside and out.

IT Audit

An IT Audit is critical in the process of assessing your business as it directly influences all decisions and direction for your company's IT estate. By understanding the current IT in place and upcoming projects and future growth, we can properly plan for your organisation's future.


PGA Case Study

PGA Case Study

When The PGA, one of the most revered and historic bodies in the world of sport, needed an IT Partner, they came to Silverbug. 

Find out how we utilised our Consultancy and Virtual IT Director services to provide The PGA with the highest levels of IT leadership.

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