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As some businesses start to make plans for re-opening, Silverbug want to help to reduce
the spread of infection and to protect your employees.



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Thermal Cameras with high temperature accuracy can help to detect an elevated skin surface temperature, which may indicate the presence of a fever. Taking only one second to detect a higher-than-average temperature, large groups of people can be scanned quickly and efficiently from a safe distance. These solutions are adaptable depending on your location, office set up and individual needs. With solutions that include High End Permanent Solutions, Temporary Fixed Cameras and Wireless Handheld Devices, you can be sure of accuracy of up to ±0.3°C.

We want to ensure that your business can open safely whilst proactively protecting your employees by enabling you to isolate individuals who show symptoms of the virus.


What is Temperature Screening?

Temperature screening is a process of detecting radiation. The amount of radiation emitted by an object increases with temperature; therefore thermography allows you to see variations in temperature. If someone has a fever, temperature screening will detect it and sound an alarm meaning they can further be tested for Coronavirus and prevent further transmission to the rest of the staff.

Using both HD images and sound alarms, when a specific temperature threshold is exceeded, means the operator can keep a safe distance while capturing the data.



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What are the options?


Professional handheld Thermographic Camera


Professional Handheld Thermographic Camera

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Fixed Screening Thermographic Camera


Fixed Screening Thermographic Camera

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Temperature Screening Extras


Optional Extras

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Why Choose Silverbug?

Silverbug will manage the entire procurement process, ensuring that you have everything that you need for the whole solution as well as remotely setting up the system to your exact requirements.

Our 24/7/365 staffed IT Support desk guarantee to handle all of your support calls on first contact while strategically managing any questions, change requests or additional kit that you may need.

To ensure the smooth running of the infrastructure of both our customers’ and our internal systems,
Silverbug are proud to have a dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC) based in our Milton Keynes Head Office.

Silverbug Temperature Screening Guide

Silverbug Temperature Screening Solutions

It’s important to implement further protection for your entire business, especially as we begin to see some sectors head back to work. We can help you investigate the correct option before safely installing the correct Silverbug Temperature Screening Solution for your organisation.

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