Telephony Solutions

Break away from traditional phone lines and upgrade to a telephone system that makes your business more productive and geographically independent. 



Telephony Solutions

Business phone systems play an important part in modern-day business and should provide far more than calling ability. Silverbug offers a range of telephony solutions including cloud telephony and mobile solutions, enabling you and your business to stay connected no matter your location. 

Cloud Telephony Solutions

The Modern Workplace needs to have an easily manageable Telephony System that allows businesses to communicate, without being restricted by location.

Our cloud telephony solutions offer high-quality and flexible communication like no other. Whether you have 10 or 1000 employees, we can offer scalable, bespoke cloud telephony solutions (Hosted VoIP), that have been optimised to allow businesses to stay connected and work productively through the Cloud.

Its versatile interface enables businesses to monitor and manage inbound and outbound calls, including overseas communication, straight from a PC, laptop or mobile.

Like all our solutions, security is our top priority. Therefore, your business can remain confident knowing your telephony systems are secure and protected.


Cloud Telephony Solution

Benefits of Cloud Telephony Solutions

Break the chains of traditional communications solutions and experience freedom and productivity in your business communications.


Cloud Telephony Easy to Use

Easy To Use

Most cloud telephony systems have a smart and easy-to-use interface with accessible PBX functions, making communication faster and more efficient.

Cloud Telephony Freedom and Flexibility

Freedom & Flexibility

Utilising cloud telephony systems gives you the freedom and flexibility to seamlessly work from anywhere on any device.

Cloud Telephony Reliable & Robust

Reliable & Robust

We know our systems inside out, therefore your business can have peace of mind that we will deploy a cloud telephony system that suits your business needs.

Cloud Telephony Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free

Silverbug will handle everything from deployment to maintenance, leaving your organisation to focus on what really matters.

Microsoft Teams as a Telephony Solution

Microsoft Teams is one of the industry-leading communication tools, enabling your business to make high-quality phone calls, receive calls, and participate in video conferences. It also offers real-time collaboration and communication via documentation sharing and co-authoring.

Microsoft Teams can also be set up to provide data loss and prevention, data back-up, and other security measures that align with security & compliance standards.


Mobile Solutions

When it comes to business mobiles, reliability is essential. Good access to a reliable data connection can unlock flexibility, efficiency, productivity, and collaboration, directly impacting business reputation.

We have an expert digital team that will provide support and technical solutions to all your mobile solution needs. Whether it's networked billed or one of our white label products, we will help you build up regular monthly revenue to hit your targets.


Choosing the right solution

We can advise on the best telephony options that suit the way your business works, whether it's cloud telephony, on-premise, or as simple as Microsoft Teams.

For a fully integrated, bespoke telephony solution speak to a Silverbug expert - You're well on your way to having a modern and flexible communication system.




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