Silverbug Modern Workplace

Achieve digital transformation by utilising a modern workplace solution, joint with unlimited remote support, proactive monitoring, and 24/7 management for your upcoming business.



Silverbug Modern Workplace

Many growing businesses have found it difficult to find the right solutions to accommodate a modern and flexible office environment, which often results in unsatisfactory product choices, wasted time and energy.

We have alleviated this issue by creating an all-in-one package - Silverbug Modern Workplace!

The foundation of Modern Workplace is built on Microsoft 365, focusing on modern collaboration, modern mobility & security, fresh workspace, Windows 10 and Intune.

Silverbug has utilised the Microsoft workplace package to create a complete Modern Workplace Solution and included a selection of the best applications, products, and services to further support business needs.


6 Key Characteristics of a Modern Workplace:


Modern Workplace Remote Workforce

Remote Workforce

Modern Workplace collaboration

Effective Collaboration

Modern Workplace Data Storage

Smarter Data Storage

Modern Workplace Communication

Open Communication

Modern Workplace Tools

Utilise Modern Tools

Modern Workplace Managed Support

24/7 Managed Support

Silverbug Modern Workplace

Where did the term 'Modern Workplace' come from?

In a survey via PwC, it has come to light that 50% of the global workforce are millennials (those born between 1981-1996). Due to the time period of which they are born, they have been digitally-wired and connected to everyone and everything since childhood. This on-call attachment is why most millennials prefer working in groups for a sense of collaboration rather than competition. Their deep sense of community is the reason why they expect to work in a connected, collaborative environment.

Put simply, there is not a necessity for millennials and those within a younger generation to be in the office or at their desk. The evolution of technology allows them to get the job done from any location. That why it's important to have a flexible, mobile working environment like Silverbug Modern Workplace within the business. 

What You Get With Silverbug Modern Workplace


Silverbug Modern Workplace Digital Identity

Modern Identity

Multi-factor authentication
Self-service password resets & account unlocking
Secure data with conditional access


Silverbug Modern Workplace Modern Collaboration

Modern Collaboration

Microsoft 365
Modern instant messaging and online meetings
Modern Cloud storage


Silverbug Modern Workplace Remote Working

Modern Mobility

Cloud-first services
Work from anywhere, anytime,
on any device


Silverbug Modern Workplace Device Management

Modern Device Management

Self-service PC deployment with Windows AutoPilot
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Remote monitoring & management


Silverbug Modern Workplace Security

Modern Security

Next-generation Anti-Virus
Secure web & email gateway
USB memory stick device control


Silverbug Modern Workplace Protection

Modern Protection

BitLocker disk encryption
Office 365 email back-up
Built-in disaster recovery


Silverbug Modern Workplace Dropbox Business

Silverbug Modern Workplace also allows you to access Dropbox Business, which will act as your file server in the Cloud. This will ensure all files are saved, synced and backed-up online. Dropbox keeps backups of deleted files and file versions for 180 days, acting as a safety net in case the worst were to happen. For example,  having your laptop stolen. You get 5TB of cloud storage too, so you don’t need to worry about running out of space! Not only that, you can choose which files and folders are available offline, which is handy if you’re planning a trip!


MySilverbug portal example

Access to MySilverbug Portal

MySilverbug is your window into Silverbug. Access to MySilverbug comes as your part of our Enhanced and Enhanced + support packages as well as our Silverbug Modern Workplace solution. It is designed to give you access to everything Silverbug, all from a single portal. Explore the benefits of:

  • Direct reporting
  • Log company requests
  • Access to MySilverbug University
  • Monitor tickets and status updates
  • Real-time collaboration and updates
  • Manage contracts, invoices, and quotes 



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