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Professional IT Recycling Services

Upgrading or replacing end-of-life IT equipment is inevitable; it is also the responsibility of businesses to ensure that their IT disposal is done in an environmentally safe, secure and compliant way. Silverbug is proud to offer professional IT recycling services that fall in line with WEEE regulations. Our expertise ensures that equipment is disposed of in a secure fashion and that sensitive data is discarded correctly.

Computer Recycling

Silverbug will collect, transport and recycle a vast range of computer products and repurpose any working parts to be used for manufacturing.

Hard-drive Destruction

Silverbug can allow clients to witness and check hard drives have been completely destroyed on-site before leaving the premises.

Hard-disk Crushing

Silverbug can offer a high-powered press to completely shatter the internal disk. This ensures that drives are not reusable. The shattered drives are then transported to a recycling facility to be melted down into raw materials.


Silverbug can offer various ways to destroy hard disk beyond use, one of which is by using a high-powered magnet to rupture mechanical drives and to separate the data. This renders the data unreadable.

Data Wiping

Silverbug can offer data wiping as a sustainable option, returning drives to be reused for future assets or sold. This option would qualify your business to receive a rebate.


Practising Safe Disposal with Silverbug

Silverbug will manage everything from logistics to the final certification of disposal, giving you peace of mind that the disposal of your IT equipment – and your sensitive customer data – has been carried out correctly.


By disposing your IT equipment through a provider with access to an Authorised Approved Treatment Facility (AATF), your equipment will move through the proper recycling streams.


Global recognised wiping, physical destruction, hard-disk crushing and Degaussing services to ensure that all confidential data is destroyed before being transported to a recycling facility to be melted down into raw materials


Businesses can receive a rebate for equipment collection of significant value. This rebate can be in the form of a future discount, cash-to-bank or a charity donation. Hassle-free

We required a WEEE certified IT partner for help with our IT equipment disposal project.

Silverbug was very quick in responding to our initial call and in providing an appointment at very short notice – during a peak time for schools.

Silverbug recycled our old monitors, PC units, hard drives, cables and keyboards, printers and spent toner.

In addition to providing a speedy efficient collection, Silverbug processed the required WEEE certificate within 3 weeks (most impressive given our experience with other companies, where this aspect usually takes months).

Silverbug was very efficient from start to finish with this entire project.

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