The constant buying and managing for your own physical servers and infrastructure is becoming a complete time sink.

You don’t need to keep putting endless amounts of time and effort into maintaining your infrastructure.



The Problem You're Facing:

You’re struggling to keep your servers and IT infrastructure constantly updated and managed. It costs an increasing amount to keep buying new technology to support your underlying operations. Outsourcing your server space and infrastructure seems like a unsafe alternative, is there another option?


Utilising Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a great way to get rid of the hefty upkeep costs while being able to use the most up to date infrastructure for your company. IaaS is a Cloud-based infrastructure where everything is hosted virtually, rather than at a physical location. Putting your crucial infrastructure, server space, and data in the hands of an outsider can be a scary thought. You can’t trust Joe Bloggs down the road with all of your vital business operation needs. You need to use a name you can trust.

Silverbug are a Microsoft Partner.

How Silverbug Sort It:

As a Microsoft Partner, Silverbug know Microsoft’s Azure inside and out. They can help implement Azure’s IaaS for your business. Azure can be quickly scaled up or down with your demand, and only pay for what you use. It comes with backup and recovery, so you know you’re protected from any attacks. You’ll utilise top-of-the range infrastructures and servers - this is Microsoft; they’re not using servers from 1999. You know you can trust them, and as a Partner, you can trust Silverbug to get it rolling for you.

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