Investing in IT for a growing user base.

It’s time to invest in your Information Technology. Either your systems are holding you back, or incoming new recruits don’t even have any hardware waiting for them.



The Problem You're Facing:

An influx of staff means more users. And, as the famous song (almost) goes: “Mo’ users, mo’ (potential IT) problems.” It sounds like you need an IT consultant. More staff and more IT users in your business is an easy problem to solve. Go and buy more computers.


As well as buying more computers, you will also need associated hardware like data cabling, phones, maybe associated bits such as another printer if you’ve gone through a big recruitment drive.

But what happens when the main software system your business uses reaches the maximum number of user accounts? Or your internal server gets full?

Another problem you’re now facing is the fact your current IT system is overloaded, slow and prone to crashing completely.

If you thought buying x-number of new laptops was costly enough, costs can spiral if you don’t plan the whole package properly. Especially when you factor in the drop in productivity, thanks to slow systems and downtime.

If you don’t plan things in advance (searching out this page means you’re on the right lines. Top work), you can quickly get lost in a rabbit warren of needlessly upgraded accounts, multiple storage locations and mismatched hardware.

You need to map out a plan before investing in your IT.

How Silverbug Sort It:

Our experts provide you with a clear and organised roadmap for IT investment and infrastructure growth. And that’s just a fancy way of saying, basically, we know you don’t want to stop after this current bit of business growth, so will lower spend in the long-run.

And it won’t be an IT roadmap template either. It’ll be specific to your industry, requirements and budget.

So, when you go through your next period of user growth, you’ve already got the scale in your IT system to cope. Think of it as making the right investment the first time round, rather than throwing good money at short-term fix after short-term fix.

Besides more hardware, Silverbug will make sure you have a proper plan for expandable server and cloud storage, and that your operating systems and data cabling can cope with the increased workload.

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