Free IT Security Health Check

See how healthy your IT Security really is:

A traditional IT Health Check of contracting an IT consultant to visit your office can be an expensive place to start. That's why Silverbug has generated a free, online IT Security Health Check, to help your business gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your cybersecurity set-up without committing. 

Who should take the IT Security Health Check?

An IT Security Health Check is suitable for anyone who thinks that their business cybersecurity can be improved and make a difference to their work/office environment. Typically, those in charge of their IT security such as IT Managers, System Admins and IT Directors, get a lot out of the test and feedback. However, anyone who wants to improve the way technology is used in their business can take this test and make changes in their organisation.

What does the test tell you about your security set-up?

This test is a comprehensive test of your organisations core IT security environment. It's based on a scoring system that will give you a result based on the procedure, technologies and personnel you have in place. You will receive a total score at the end of the test, informing you on the status of your current security set-up.  If you feel that your security can be improved, there will be link to book a meeting with one of our security experts, putting you on a path to better protection against cyberthreats.


*Your data will only be used for processing the IT Security Health Check and will not be used for further marketing activities, unless you decide otherwise.

IT Security Health Check