Having complicated issues and need some expert IT support. Without the jargon.

You’re in over your heads and you’ve never seen this kind of thing before. Turning it off and on, again, just isn’t going to cut it. It’s time to call in the experts.



The Problem You're Facing:

A routine IT problem might have gotten out of hand, or IT just baffles the life out of you at the best of times. Either way, you need some expert support to come in and fix the problem.


If your IT system has gone through some sort of apocalyptic malfunction and you can’t seem to do anything at all and any buttons you press or menus you click seem to make it worse and you’ve got that report that needs sending by four o’clock and…

It might just be a classic case of not having the time and/or experience to fix this kind of problem with your own IT department. You have enough day-to-day issues to manage, without having to learn how to tackle a complex issue which would sap all of your valuable time.

You might not even have an IT department at all. In fact, you might just have someone who “knows a bit about computers”, but they can’t for the life of them work out how to fix this issue you keep having. Or even understand where the issue is coming from - never mind know how to fix it.

It’s time to escalate and call in an expert team.

How Silverbug Sort It:

Our diagnostic experts will get on the case.

These are the people who can cut straight to what the problem is and start formulating a solution. They are the IT equivalent of Winston Wolfe, The A-Team and Ghostbusters, all rolled into one. But with less swearing, dodgy gold chains and slime.

Silverbug’s expert team can come in and give your business an immediate increase in IT knowledge and know-how. They’re an instant team of experts who work on your issue until it’s resolved.

Your problem disappears and new solutions are put in place to help make sure you never suffer the same setback again.

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