Optimise the processes that power the core of your business

Digitise and Secure your Business Documents

A broken document process can cause significant risk to your business as well as impact employees’ valuable time, affect deadlines and be a compliant risk. Therefore, More than ever, your organisation needs a safe, secure home for critical business documents.

Opting for a Cloud Document Management system enables your business to safely archived and fully organized documents and protect itself against litigation, leaks and loss.


Stop Information Loss and Keep What’s Most Important at your Fingertips

Achieve a paperless office

Control document access

Eliminate duplicate filing

Minimise response times

Meet deadlines

Better workflow automation

Meet compliance standards

Reinforce security

Smart Storage and Retrieval

Silverbug’s Document Management solution captures business documents from multiple sources, enabling you to quickly classify documents and index information in a matter of moments.

This can then be centrally controlled, managing all access rights and permissions.

Once all information is stored, it can be retrieved, shared for collaboration and processed for workflow and automation.


For almost two decades, Silverbug has provided exceptional service to Wolves and have been involved in our largest projects.

Wolves and Silverbug share the same core values and we consider them part of the Wolves family – I couldn’t think of a better company to partner with.

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C

Working with Silverbug was simple. Every engineer we encountered was pleasant, helpful and assisted us until we were fully operational again.

Duo Plastics

Generally, we are self-sufficient but at times we need extra support due to lack of knowledge or time. We find the support team friendly and professional and work hard trying to find a solution that works for us.

Silverbug are a very good solutions partner, easy to
with work, always willing to discuss and accommodate
our requests.

On-site visits are also carried out professionally. Silverbug teams arrive well-prepared for what needs to be done and often able to accommodate last-minute changes.

Community Action Decorum Testimonial

Silverbug is always attentive and supportive to Community Action Dacorum’s needs as a charity with limited funds. For example, Silverbug is flexible and accommodating, allowing us to take a piecemeal approach to our projects. Having MySilverbug is very useful, too, because it lets me manage and track support requests.

The helpdesk is amazing, helpful and personable, taking into consideration that our employees are of all ages and skills. Silverbug always listens.

We have even recommended Silverbug to other charities.

Community Action Dacorum

As a professional rugby union club, we needed a flexible and reliable IT partner who, especially for commercial reasons, could deliver security, connectivity solutions and IT support. We also needed a solution that tailored to our match days with onsite IT support as well as setting up remote working.

Silverbug continues to meet our needs with a tailored IT service, broad knowledge about our internal systems and their relevant technical knowledge and experience to manage any issues that may arise. We’re also particularly pleased with Silverbug’s on-site support. Silverbug is so invested in our organisation, it has helped how we do things here at Harlequins.

Our relationship with Silverbug works very well because we trust them.

Harlequins F.C
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