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If you suffer a cyber-attack, the chances are it will cause considerable financial and reputational damage to your company. That's why it's important to keep up with the ever-evolving cyber threats with a layered approach to cybersecurity.



Why Cyber-Attacks Happen?

Attacks happen because cybercrime is lucrative – plain & simple. A hackers primary aim is to steal, capture, hold hostage or destroy information – usually for financial gain. Well known attacks such as crytolockers, encrypt information before demanding a ransom, usually in the form of cryptocurrency.

While most attackers aim to make money from their activities, there are also a growing number of attacks referred to as hacktivism which are carried out with social or political aims. The key thing to remember is that cyber criminals are incredibly proactive, and the key to successfully dodging their attacks, is to be as proactive as they are about staying secure. This is why we provide expert Cyber Security Services.



Types of Cyber Attacks

Cyber-criminals are not afraid to target even the most resilient organisation, with your assets, reputation, and business all at risk. There is a huge range of cyber-security attacks and new attacks emerge every day. Common attacks include:



Phishing Attacks

Ransomware and Malware

Ransomware & Malware

Distributed Denial of Service

Distributed Denial of Service

Worms and Trojans

Worms & Trojans

data breach


Phishing and Cyber Security Awareness

Did you know that 97% of people around the world are unable to identify a sophisticated phishing email?

That's incredibly high considering your employees are the organisation's first line of defence against a cyber-attack. 

Are you confident in your staff members being the 3%? Your employees can undertake a simple phishing test, allowing them to easily identify the difference between a real email and a phishing email.



The Target

Many common cyber-security targets are random – they’re on websites as downloads or hidden as questionable email attachments but they are increasingly targeted and highly sophisticated. Any individual or organisation that uses the Internet is at risk. Certain sectors like healthcare, finance, legal & government are at heightened risk due to the value of the data they process.

The high-profile attacks on the NHS in 2017 were an example of a highly targeted attack – up to 70,000 devices were affected in the NHS alone. The hackers targeted systems using out of date, unsupported software like Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The NHS was still using these systems years after they reached end of life.


Tackling Cyber Criminals with Cyber Security Services

At Silverbug our team specialise in secure IT solutions to prevent disaster from striking in your business.

Using our proactive approach, Silverbug can offer a variety of Cyber Security solutions, such as; Endpoint detection and response (EDR), Change and permission auditing, Device encryption, Mobile device management (MDM), SSL certificates, Email and Web Security and more.

Our expert team will be more than happy to listen to your requirements and tailor a bespoke solution to fit your company's budget and needs as well as inform you on the best practices to remain GDPR compliant.


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Proactive 24/7

Silverbug will proactively monitor your IT estate, fixing any issues before you know they've occured.

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Security Services

Silverbug will oversee and manage your organisation network and systems.

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Silverbug will install next-generation anti-virus software to identity, log and protect your network from malware.

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Email & Web

Silverbug will implement email and web filtering into your network, scanning content to ensure it's safe to use.

Crisis Management


Silverbug will implement a procedure/structure, so your employees know how to respond to a potential threat.

multi-factor authentication


Silverbug will ensure that you have two or more access barriers to all devices.

Silverbug Accreditations in Cyber Security Services

Silverbug holds many accreditations including ISO9001 and ISO27001. Not only that, we can help you to guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate your commitment to Cyber Security, making your organisation Cyber Essentials accredited.

Cyber Security Microsoft Gold Partner
ISO9001 & ISO27001
Acanthus Cyber Security Case study


When Acanthus first came to Silverbug, they experienced a dire need for new hardware and software solutions to replace their aging infrastructure,
modern mobile solutions with excellent access to resources with high-security and they wanted to move to a more flexible subscription-based software.
These upgrades will ripple throughout the company, ensuring better processes are made in an efficient manner.


Acanthus Case Study: Read Now

What can you do about your cybersecurity?

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