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What sector does your organisation operate in?{{ personalization_token(‘contact.what_sector_does_your_organisation_operate_in_’, ”) }}
Where do you store your company data?{{ personalization_token(‘contact.where_do_you_store_your_company_data_’, ”) }}
How do employees store passwords?{{ personalization_token(‘contact.how_do_employees_store_passwords_’, ”) }}
How does your organisation handle their security?{{ personalization_token(‘contact.how_does_your_organisation_handle_their_security_’, ”) }}
Do employees use personal devices for work tasks?{{ personalization_token(‘contact.do_employees_use_personal_devices_for_work_tasks_’, ”) }}
How do your employees work?{{ personalization_token(‘contact.how_do_your_employees_work_’, ”) }}
Does your organisation have a cyber security policy that covers social media, internet of things and cloud computing best practices?{{ personalization_token(‘contact.does_your_organisation_have_a_cyber_security_policy_’, ”) }}
When was the last time your company reviewed its cybersecurity and data policies?{{ personalization_token(‘contact.when_was_the_last_time_your_company_reviewed_its_cyber_security_policies_’, ”) }}
Are your employees trained to recognise cybercrime in the form of phishing, malware and other potential threats to your network?{{ personalization_token(‘contact.are_your_employees_trained_to_recognise_cybercrime_’, ”) }}
In the event of system failure or disaster, would your organisation be able to recover critical information?{{ personalization_token(‘contact.in_the_event_of_system_failure__would_you_be_able_to_recover_critical_information_’, ”) }}
What solutions does your company use to protect against cyber-attacks?{{ personalization_token(‘contact.what_solutions_does_your_company_use_to_protect_against_cyber_attacks_’, ”) }}
Can you encrypt documents?{{ personalization_token(‘contact.can_you_encrypt_documents_’, ”) }}
Total Score:{{ personalization_token(‘contact.cyber_risk_score’, ”) }}/75 – High Risk