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Cloud Services

A solid Cloud-Based service will enable you to access and streamline your business data via a variety of platforms, any time, any place.



Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)


Silverbug will host subscription-based applications, such as Microsoft Azure, enabling you to access them over the internet on demand,  anytime, anywhere. Silverbug is responsible for the security, performance, and maintenance of all application on our servers.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)


Develop a new online infrastructure, including servers and storage, networking firewalls/security and more. IaaS is easily scalable to meet business demands and avoids the complexities of managing your own physical servers.


Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Silverbug utilise Cloud resources to protect all your data and applications from the disruption caused by an IT disaster. For example, total system back-up and a disaster recovery plan (business continuity plan) in case the worst does happen. 


Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

Experience a user-friendly way of managing your entire network through the Cloud. Eliminate the need for hardware on-premise and experience a scalable way of working.


Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT

Combines the use of two or more cloud environments, enabling you to share data and applications across multiple functions within the same organisation.


Microsoft 365 Solutions

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft's all-in-one star application, delivering a range of collaborative tools, such as SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Office and more. The best part is that Microsoft 365 is linked directly to the Cloud, allowing businesses to access any application, anytime, anywhere, further increasing business productivity. 


Cloud Service provides 99.9% availability


Cloud Service is easily scalable and accessible

Easily Scalable & Accessible

Cloud Service provides enhanced security

Enhanced Security

Cloud Service provides secondary back-up


Cloud Service exclude big hardware investments

No Big Hardware Investments 

Cloud Services is always up-to-date


Microsoft Azure

With cloud computing, you don’t need to make large upfront investments in hardware and spend a lot of time on the heavy lifting of managing that hardware. Instead, you can simply manage your Cloud and infrastructure backup using Microsoft Azure - a name you can rely on and trust.  

It can store your backup and infrastructure data in six individual copies across UK locations as and when requested for added reliability. It saves information in increments, so you can revert your files back to where they were a day ago, a week ago, or even 5 years ago - however long you’ve been using Microsoft Azure. 


Microsoft Azure

How Silverbug Sort It:

 Silverbug are a fully accredited Microsoft Gold  Partner, (Collaboration and Content, Cloud Datacentre, Cloud Productivity, Cloud Platform and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions) who can design, implement and support your company’s cloud solutions. We help you choose what is most appropriate for your IT infrastructure and where you want to be in the future.  

 As Microsoft Gold PartnersSilverbug can help clients get the most out of Azure and relative Microsoft packages - from threat intelligence to scalability. 


Silverbug Accreditations in Cloud Services

Silverbug is ISO accredited
Silverbug Microsoft Gold Partner

90+ Compliance Offerings

500 Businesses Trust Azure

$1b A year invested in Cyber Security 

Acanthus Case Study


When Acanthus first came to Silverbug, they experienced a dire need for new hardware and software solutions to replace their aging infrastructure,
modern mobile solutions with excellent access to resources with high-security and they wanted to move to a more flexible subscription-based software.
These upgrades will ripple throughout the company, ensuring better processes are made in an efficient manner.


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