Business Connectivity Solutions

Business connectivity is vital when powering your business's external connections.



Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity is simply being connected to the outside world via the internet and in order for a business to function, it needs a strong and stable internet connection.

We understand that any form of downtime can be extremely costly to a business. That's why Silverbug offers a range of reliable and robust connectivity solutions to suit your business requirements while remaining resilient to downtime. Whether it's leased lines, broadband, or a wireless connection, we can tailor a solution to your business connectivity needs.





Connectivity Leased Lines

Leased Lines

Silverbug's dedicated Ethernet circuits offer fast, reliable, and consistent internet connection at an enterprise level, powering connection to your servers, SaaS-based applications, voice, and video.


Connectivity Business Bbroadband

Business Broadband

A shared ethernet circuit that offers a business-level connection that’s faster and more reliable than your home connection. - perfect for SMEs and remote workers!


Connectivity Enterprise Wireless

Enterprise Wireless

Technology is moving forward and away from physical network connections. If you're looking to be connected without traditional leased lines, a tailored and future-proof wireless service is just for you.


Leased Lines - (Ethernet Circuits)


Our leased line connectivity option will ensure that your business is receiving a dedicated, enterprise-grade internet connection that's both reliable and high-performing.

Silverbug can choose a carrier at the most competitive price, deploy and manage your business’s leased line solution, ensuring a wide coverage to your workers, servers, SaaS-based applications, remote sites and telephone lines. Further benefits of opting in for a leased line option includes:

• Superior SLA – with a fix-time of 4-hours
• high-performance internet access of up to 10GB
• Dedicated Project Manager
• Proactive Monitoring
• Dedicated lease line that is not shared with other businesses

We also offer a fail-safe of implementing an additional connectivity option of your choice, ensuring that your ethernet circuit is completely future-proof.

Business Broadband

More often than not, your business internet can be taken for granted. That is until employees begin to experience bandwidth issues, leading to an unprecedented amount of downtime and a decrease in productivity. 

Opting for business broadband will provide your business with a business-grade internet connection that's faster and more reliable than your home connection.

Silverbug offers business broadband solutions for SME's that are looking for a reliable and affordable internet connection, such as ultra-fast FTTP and ADSL 2+, which is designed specifically for high internet speeds, maintaining uptime.

Enterprise Wireless

If you're looking to be connected without the use of traditional leased lines, then an enterprise wireless connection will be best suited for your business connectivity.

Opting for a scalable enterprise wireless solution will enable your business to be connected more quickly, with a bandwidth speed of up to 10Gbps.

Whether it's WIFI, WiMAX, satellite, 4G, or 5G, we can advise on the best connectivity options to suit your business requirements.

Connectivity Services Enterprise Wireless

Fail-safe Business Connectivity

We can also offer a variety of fail-safe options.

Opting in for an additional form of connectivity may come in handy if something were to happen to your physical or wireless connection, for example, your ethernet circuit was to accidentally be destroyed, you can either have an additional ethernet line connected to a different carrier or a wireless connection to fall back on, leaving your business to continue as if nothing happened. 

As well as finding a business connectivity solution that best suits your business requirements, we can also offer a variety of cyber security measures. This can include, Firewall-as-a-Service (FaaS), and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection.

Choosing the right solution

We can advise on the best connectivity solutions to suit the way your business works, whether it's physical connectivity or wireless connectivity.

For a fully integrated, bespoke Business Connectivity Solution, speak to a Silverbug expert today. 



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