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Why IT is the Last Piece in the Future Proofing Business Puzzle


No one can predict the future of your business with any certainty but there are steps you can take to give it the best chance of being successful in the future.

Why IT is the last piece in the future proofing business puzzle

Having future proofed your head office, recruitment process and sales plan, your business is almost ready for anything. Next, it’s time to think about your IT systems, hardware and software, even if they’re working for you right now.

The Risks of Not Future Proofing Your Business

It’s important to not let nostalgia block innovation. It doesn’t matter how you’ve always done things - your business should always be looking for ways to evolve and improve. Even if you’ve been successful in the past, it doesn’t mean that your services are perfect for the ever-changing marketplace.

There are many different businesses like Blockbuster, Woolworths and Toys ‘R’ Us that were hugely successful, only to fail to anticipate a change in demand or ignore growing markets. Blockbuster famously passed on the chance to buy Netflix, who’ve grown to become the online streaming giant they are today, and focused instead on brick-and-mortar stores.

Is your business ready to deal with new markets and customers? Failing to reach these markets can result in lost business opportunities and allow your competitors to get ahead of you.

The way that customers buy goods and services has changed completely in the last few years. Mobile shopping is the fastest growing sector and was thought to be worth around $3.2 trillion in 2017.

The Benefits of Future Proofed IT

Whatever your sector, staying ahead of the competition is crucial if you want to be successful. Having future proofed IT systems allows you to be efficient and effective. You’ll never have to worry about cyber attacks, slow internet or outdated software.

IT that’s future proofed can allow your business to be working 24/7. Staff will be able to access files and data on the move, allowing them to work at night and on the weekend. Invest in devices, network infrastructure and software that allow you to do this and reap the benefits of mobile working.

If you’re always thinking about improving and future proofing your IT systems, then you help to create a culture of innovation at your business. Showing that you’re actively working against stagnation helps to motivate staff and shows them that your business is a great place to work and grow.

How to Future Proof Your IT

When it comes to future proofing your business, your IT systems and infrastructure should be the first things you think about.

Choosing the Right System

There’s a temptation to want to be the very first to adopt new systems and try new technologies but it’s often better to let someone else be the guinea pigs. Make the leap once issues with new systems are ironed out and a market leader has been established.

Moving your infrastructure to the cloud offers a range of benefits that can improve workflow at your business. Staff are able to access data wherever they are, sharing it with colleagues and clients instantly. It also allows for seamless collaboration where users are able to see the changes in real-time so you no longer need to chase the status of a project.

With the cloud, there’s no need for expensive hardware or a long-term commitment. You can pay for exactly what you need, receive regular, free updates and scale up and down as necessary.

When you’re choosing the right system for your business, you should consider these tips:

  • Make informed, consistent hardware and software purchases with the future in mind. There’s no point spending money on infrastructure if you plan to expand and grow in the near future.
  • Don’t be afraid of change and embrace it whenever possible. Design processes that can be updated and adapted without having to change everything.
  • Encourage innovation at your business and hire staff that are willing to try new things and be at the forefront of your industry.

Consider an IT Provider

If you’re simply too busy to worry about your IT infrastructure and resources, then it may be time to think about an IT provider. Having a dedicated source for IT management can increase the efficiency of all parts of your business and streamline day to day operations.

When considering potential IT providers, it’s useful to ask certain questions to determine if they’ll be able to offer the support you need. Can they guarantee network performance and ensure business continuity and recovery in the event of a disaster?

Can they help with everything from Office 365 migrations and spam to ransomware issues and office relocations?

Finding the right IT provider to suit your needs can be a difficult process as it’s important to find someone who understands your business and the direction you’re heading in. Think about their experience level, track record and how successful they are.

Do they offer more insightful expertise than turning it off and on again when issues arise? Having an IT provider that solves complicated problems without confusing you with unnecessary jargon can help your business to cope with technical faults quickly.

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