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SonicWall's Capture Client: Next Generation VS Traditional Anti-Virus Software



SonicWall Capture Client is a next-generation Anti-Virus software built on Sentinel One, a well-respected and established player in IT security. Having tried and tested SonicWall Capture Client, it now sits comfortably on Silverbug's preferred endpoint protection product portfolio.

The likely hood of a cyber attack is far greater than all other crimes put together around the world. In fact, between January 2019 and August 2019, there was over 5.64 million malware attacks detected.

Identify and Analysis

SonicWall Capture Client offers complete protection for your endpoints by providing behavioural intelligence analysis. This traces all activities on the system, such as, monitoring of inner processes, creation and modification of files, disk memory and much more in matter of seconds. Unlike Traditional Anti-Virus software, which lacks this feature and uses static signatures, allowing threats to
by-pass the software unnoticed. 

SonicWall find and block almost 27,000 threats a day!

Real-Time Updates

New viruses are being created everyday, that’s why SonicWall Capture Client provides automatic, real-time updates, ensuring that’s your business is constantly protected against security threats.



What Does This Mean For Your Traditional Anti-Virus Software? Is It Good Enough?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no. Traditional Anti-Virus does not offer all the capabilities you need to detect those sophisticated threats, leaving your organisation open to an attack. 

SonicWall Client Capture will give you and your organisation peace of mind in that your as protected as can be in the face of any cyber/ransomware attack.

To find out more on SonicWall’s next generation Anti-Virus software, contact your account manager on +44 345 565 1953 or email Silverbug at

Silverbug are experts in Cyber security Servicessuch as; Endpoint detection and response (EDR), Change and permission auditing, Device encryption, Mobile device management (MDM), SSL certificates, Email and Web Security and more to tackle cyber crime. 

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