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Silverbug Becomes An Official PGA Partner


The Silverbug brand continues to show rapid growth after we agreed to become an official partner of the PGA. We are the latest member to join the lucrative list of PGA partners, signing a two-year agreement with the golf giants where we will advise the organisation on a variety of its IT requirements.

2009Silverbug-1.jpgPGA Chief Executive Robert Maxfield (left) with Silverbug finance & operations director Dan Bland.

The move into golf builds on our strong sporting links for Silverbug, already partnering with Wolverhampton Wanderers and Gulf Racing from the football and motorsport fields, respectively. The Professional Golf Association is one of the most revered and historic bodies in the world of sport, and a household name around the globe. Partnering with this brand is a testament to the service offered and respected name Silverbug holds.

Commenting on the latest sporting partnership, Founder and Managing Director Owen Daley noted: “I’m thrilled that Silverbug is partnering with The PGA. Becoming a partner of such a historic and prestigious brand is a real honour for Silverbug. This partnership shows how much the Silverbug brand is growing because we’re associating with one of the biggest names in sport. This partnership aligns with our goals of providing first-call IT services to more and more companies all over the world.”

PGA Chief Executive Robert Maxfield echoed that statement when confirming the partnership with us. He added: “Effective and efficient IT systems and the rapid resolution of any problems are key to the successful running of a business in the 21st century. So, we’re delighted to strengthen our association with Silverbug and put it on a long-term footing.”

After already working with The PGA on its IT needs, we at Silverbug are pleased to make this partnership official and look forward to providing a reliable IT infrastructure.

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