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Service Desk's Cyber Attacks Prevention And Proactive Responses


It’s impossible to put a monetary value on all of the data your company owns. Whether it’s thousands or millions of pounds, that won’t stop the attackers from having a go and trying to snatch your data and then they’ll probably have the audacity to demand payment in return. So, care and prevention is needed.


Sadly, cyber criminals don’t care about everyday businesses losing their data. They can swoop in when you least expect it and cause your entire infrastructure to crumble, leaving you with no way of accessing your data. You’ll be left watching your employees twiddling their thumbs as they can’t access files to complete their work and the downtime could significantly harm your business. You might have systems already in place to prevent attacks, but sometimes that’s just not enough as these pesky attackers continue to find new ways of breaching systems. That’s where Silverbug come in. The assurance Silverbug's service desk gives include:


Ransomware protection and recovery, along with general cyber attack issues, is just one string in our massive Silverbug bow. Essential security needs to be in place and your company needs a recovery plan, just in case you’re one of the unlucky ones that’s been hit by a cyber attack.

Silverbug are helping companies manage their IT security and it all starts with you getting in touch with the expert service desk who are ready to dive into action and keep you protected.

How The Silverbug Service Desk Works

Silverbug are an experienced team of IT professionals. The employees live and breathe IT and it’s their passion. Silverbug are also the 4th largest Microsoft Azure Partner in the UK and are dedicated to helping businesses like yours by keeping you safe from any attack. It doesn’t matter where you are either, as the service desk assists in managing IT security for companies in the UK, the US and beyond.

IT jargon can be daunting, and explaining your situation to the Silverbug service desk can be even more difficult but there’s no need to worry. The team won’t be overloading you with jargon and terminology that you won’t understand - the team speaks your language.

The service desk offers incident response, so as soon as your company has been hit by ransomware or a cyber attack, the service desk springs into action to isolate the threat. It doesn’t end there either, as the team searches to determine where it accessed your IT infrastructure and then they help you to recover your data, giving it the best chance of not happening again.

Along with keeping your company data protected against ransomware and other types of cyber attacks, the service desk and company in general helps keep your information safe from data leaks and employees who might try and attempt to steal your intellectual property.

The service desk can even arrange for a service engineer to come and provide hands-on support to rectify things if the worst has already happened. If the worst case scenario has been avoided, then the service desk prevent cyber attacks and ransomware from getting into IT systems in the first place, thanks to the three-pronged defence system. This is where Silverbug combines the power of three powerful technologies to add further support to your defence systems.

As you’ll be able to see in the image below, the KPI board is visible for the entire service desk to see and shows how it operates. It highlights factors such as how many agents are currently on call dealing with enquiries, feedback from clients, the statistics of the current month, the issues clients are having and need to be fixed, how many agents are waiting, or even the duration of the longest call. Every detail is highlighted on the KPI board to make sure no issue is missed and everything is suitably and promptly dealt with.

Silverbug KPI Board
While the service desk cannot guarantee you that you won’t be hit by a cyber attack, they do offer the best backup disaster recovery on the market. Fortunately, you won’t have to close your whole operation for a week or give into the demands of an attacker to pay a ransom fee, as you can easily flick the ‘disaster recovery switch’ and the service desk will help get you back to work.

In fact, the service desk works so quickly that when a trading firm client suffered a disaster incident in the past 12 months, Silverbug’s service desk got them set up and working again in a neighbouring building within hours.

What Assurances Silverbug’s Service Desk Gives

A rapid response isn’t the only assurance the Silverbug service desk has to offer, as the whole team is dedicated to focusing on the issue your company is facing, and then fixing it with expertise, honesty, passion and positivity.

24-Hour Support

Cyber criminals don’t work your traditional 9-5. They’ll be quietly working away at finding newer ways to break down your defence systems and breach your data, and that could happen when your offices are shut and are tucked up in bed. If your operations run around the clock, then you’re going to need 24/7 support and will need an IT company as dedicated as you are.

The Silverbug service desk offers just that. A 24/7 package allows you to phone in for help, advice or support at any time of day, night, weekend or holiday so you don’t lose any of your precious working hours. The service desk are on call 24 hours of every day and will always be there to answer any cries for help, while IT experts are available to come on site to resolve any issues.


Silverbug don’t just hire anyone who has handed in a CV that has a slight interest in IT. Those who display a genuine interest and are experts in the field are brought on board to ensure you’re receiving the same, expert support. A routine IT problem might have gotten out of hand, or your company might not even have a dedicated IT department and might not have anybody to fix your IT issues.

Silverbug’s expert diagnostic specialists instantly get on the case. The service desk cuts straight to what the problem is and begin to formulate a solution, while they can even arrange for another expert to come in and give your business an immediate increase in IT knowledge. The instant team of experts won’t stop working on your issue until the problem has been solved and will ensure your problem disappears and new solutions will be put in place to help make sure you never suffer the same setback again.

Friendliness And Understanding

Anyone can become a victim of a cyber attack at anytime, and Silverbug understands that. Silverbug is filled with a bunch of IT geeks with a fun personality, and it’s why some of the biggest names in the world enjoy working with the company to receive IT support.

The friendly, approachable service desk will carefully listen to the issues you’re facing and do what they can to make sure you’re not only protected, but the same issue never happens again.

Passionate And Care For Your Business

When Silverbug comes on board to help your business, the dedicated service desk don’t treat you like an ordinary client, but like it’s their own company.

Each Silverbug employee treats your business in this way, as they don’t just take on the task of assisting you with IT management and issues, but they take on the feeling of responsibility so that Silverbug becomes an extension of your own team, and you’re getting all of their expertise over to you.

How To Protect Your Business From Ransomware And Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are on the rise, with ransomware now one of the most popular amongst attackers because of the financial rewards on offer. Don’t be a victim because you ignored the threat and didn’t improve your defences; protect yourself by putting measures in place before an attack is even a possibility.

If you want to learn more about ransomware and how to prevent it from happening, check out Silverbug’s free eBook:

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