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Meet the team at our new Malaysia office


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Having already built a presence on both sides of the Atlantic, it made sense to best-serve our customers by ensuring Silverbug was a truly 24-hour operation. That’s why, last year, we headed east, Far East in fact, to open our Malaysian office in late 2017.

When offering our UK employees the chance to work and live abroad, obviously, location is key. That’s why Malaysia was the clear favourite when choosing where to plant our IT-expert flag in that part of the world. It helps our customers by being in operation whilst our UK and US teams get some rest ready for the next day, but is enticing enough for our team to want to relocate, whilst also having a brilliant, English speaking local talent pool too.

To ensure our Malaysian office provides the same elite-level services as our other international teams, we’ve taken existing employees to the new location and hired only the best local experts and analysts. This helps to ensure we continue to offer the same company culture and high-quality service our customers currently enjoy. Only, now, we can do this non-stop thanks to the new location.

Based in MCT Tower at Sky Park, in Subang Jaya, a thriving business park that’s packed with exciting new companies, Dean Kewley has been heading up the project to make sure the eastward expansion has been a success. He’s been visiting regularly alongside a constant stream of engineers from our UK Head Office.

Dean’s our Chief Information Officer, with years of experience and has worked all over the world. When talking about getting the Malaysian office up and running, he said:



Opening our first office in Asia has been a great learning experience for myself and the team at Silverbug. With the rapid growth of our client base in Asia this year, our local team in Kuala Lumpur are perfectly positioned to service our clients in the region. As well as assisting in our 24/7 Network Operation Centre to keep everything up and running, no matter what time of day it is. I’m looking forward to the growth continuing into 2019 and a few more visits to sample the world class local food!”


So, without further adieu, why not find out more about some of our first, permanently Malaysian-based team members, who we plan to grow into a team of 30 over the coming three years...


Mugilan - MTT KL 

Mugilan - Service Delivery Manager

Mugilan has worked as a Service Delivery Manager for approximately eight years, giving him the knowledge he needs to tackle any problem. When he’s not busy at work, he enjoys playing on his PlayStation and doing minimal outdoor sports.

“Hi everyone, it’s good to be part of the Silverbug family. I am looking forward to contributing where I can and learning where I should”.



Christina - Service Desk Analyst

Tina has a Diploma in Information and Communication Technology from Inti University. Since graduating, she joined DXC Technology. Starting as a Level 1 Service Desk Analyst, Tina worked her way up to Subject Matter Expert. She was with DXC for six years before joining our team.

“I’m an outgoing and friendly person and I’m very happy to join Silverbug and learn more”.

Christina - MTT KL



Yuvaneswary - MTT KL


Yuvaneswary - Service Desk Analyst

Yuvaneswary worked for DHL as a Billing Assistant for almost two years before working as an Administrator for United Overseas Bank. These roles helped her to understand the logistics industry and how to handle an admin role.

“Now that I’m at Silverbug, it’s a new environment compared to my previous jobs but I came here to learn and I’m excited to gain valuable experience”.



 Kenneth - Network Operation Centre Engineer

Kenneth started his career in INTI Education group as a support analyst. He has functioned in various capacity, such as Site Support Engineer and Network/System administrator.

He has Bachelors in Computer Science from Coventry University UK and goes sky diving when the land appeal bores him.

“I am glad to be part of Silverbug Team where I can put my expertise to work and challenge myself more and more”

Kenneth - MTT KL


Pavithran - MTT KL

Pavithran - Second Line Engineer

Pavithran followed his Foundation in Engineering with a Bachelors Degree before starting his journey as an IT technician in 2011. Previously working across several organisations he completed a successful tenure as a Level 2 Engineer before joining Silverbug. Adding to this Pavithran now has a Bachelors Degree in Nano Technology from Multimedia University.

 “I am very much thrilled to be part of the pilot team in KL for Silverbug and I am looking forward to grow as much as contributing back to the organisation”


Kengatharan - Second Line Engineer

Kengatharan, or Ken as he’s known, has worked in the Service Delivery field for around nine years. He’s lent his expertise to organisations in a range of sectors, including Oil and Gas, Insurance and Banking. In his spare time, Ken loves to play football with his friends.

“I’m really excited to be part of Silverbug and hope to learn a lot more with the company in the future”.

Kengatharan - MTT KL

How Can the Malaysian Team Help You?

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No project is too big and our team is on hand 24/7 to offer IT support. Whatever issues you might be having, it’s always worth speaking to an expert to get a professional opinion. Get in touch with Silverbug today.

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