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Introduction To Microsoft Teams



As you may be aware, In July 2019, Microsoft announced that Skype for Business Online would be retired on July 31, 2021, and will no longer be accessible to users. This initial announcement gave businesses less than 2 years to migrate to an alternative form of virtual or remote communication service, but with everything that has happened since, not everyone has managed to do so. If your business has not yet got around to making this change, now is the time. 

There's a range of alternative communication tools to migrate to, such as, CallSwitch, Zoom, Slack, and our favourite - Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams has been around for a while now, so most of you may already be aware of what it is and what it has to offer. Even so, we thought it would be best to highlight some of Microsoft Teams' best features, as it's the only platform available that has a range of collaborative tools as well as being used as a communitive tool.

What Is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is one of Microsoft 365-star applications, maximising enterprise-level security, compliance whilst delivering collaboration and unified communications functions. In simpler terms, there are no limits to the call or chat functionality.

The Benefits Of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 Application Integration

Microsoft Teams is completely integrated with Microsoft 365, combining the use of Microsoft applications. Including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI and Microsoft Graphs. This integration enables you to edit and collaborate on file in real-time, from one application. This is the dream for users who are in constant collaboration!

Not only that, Microsoft Teams combines the use of chat, calls, calendar, meeting booking, notes and attachments. Thus, eliminating the need for loads of software taking up precious bandwidth.

Microsoft Teams is always up-to-date, and the scalability of Teams means that it’s easy to add users as your business grows.

Scheduling Tools

Microsoft Teams calendar integration syncs with your email calendar, transferring all existing appointments to your Teams application. Microsoft Teams holds all the standard functionality options like an email calendar, including, privatising meetings, selecting room options, etc. Booking meetings has never been easier!


scheduling assist


Voice And Video Calling

Using Microsoft Teams for telephony purposes couldn’t be any more simple. Your business can make high-quality phone calls and simultaneously receive calls on mobile and desktop - Exactly the same as Skype for Business but better!

The same goes for video conferencing as it has the ability to screen-share your desktop. If you’re one of those people working on more than 1 screen, you can choose a specific window to share, whilst continuing your work on a separate monitor. Your employees can get 3x much as the work is done in a small amount of time. Perfect for a Day in the Life of Sales or in any other department.


Voice and video chats


Real-time Documentation Collaboration

Microsoft Teams integrates standard Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so forth. This enables users to collaborate, co-author, and edit these applications in real-time, straight from Microsoft Teams itself, removing the complexity of sending and receiving multiple documents.

Not only that, all changes are recorded and generate version control, allowing you to restore previous versions if needed.



Microsoft Teams display real-time alerts to @mentions and messages, ensuring that you are always informed with chats you’re involved in. If you don’t want to be bombarded with notifications, you can manage this using the settings, ensuring all notifications are clean and to your needs – Nice, clean and simple!



Microsoft Teams has recently introduced 'Approvals' within their application. You can quickly start an approval flow in Microsoft Teams by, creating an approval, the approval will be sent as a notification within the application, which can then be accepted or rejected. The best part is that Approvals can be easily tracked and managed in one place.



Enhanced Security

Microsoft Teams is served by Microsoft’s Cloud, using built-in information protection while following a range of compliance standards.

They’ve also provided additional security measures, such as Microsoft Secure login, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and secure guest access, no different to Office 365.

Microsoft is certified in following GDPR laws to ensure their product is safe – If that doesn’t give you peace of mind, I don’t know what will!


Enhanced Productivity

Every business wants to have a productive environment, in fact, most businesses strive for it. That’s why Microsoft took it upon themselves to find out if Microsoft Teams increases productivity levels, sales revenue and profitability. The results skyrocket as Microsoft Teams allows employees to collaborate more efficiently and effectively. This doesn’t just apply to office work but mobile as well. Don’t believe us? Silverbug employees are using this product as we speak to help deliver IT projects across the globe!


How to Migrate to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams holds a variety of functions that greatly benefits your organisation’s processes, including a visible increase in productivity, efficiency and revenue. Therefore, there’s no better time than the present to start migrating!

Silverbug is adept in migrating solutions, ensuring there is no loss of time and that your organisation can continue 'business as usual.

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