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How To Prevent Ransomware 2017



40% of businesses in the UK were attacked by Ransomware in 2016. One third of the victims lost revenue as a result of the attack.

As an industry, we are learning our lesson from 2016. We weren't prepared for the parasitic, sprawling attack ransomware and other encrypting malware carried out on some of our nations most vulnerable organisations. SME's, schools and even hospitals were left stranded without access to crucial data. The repercussions have been more severe than 'just' a scam for financial gain, but also a real threat to personal safety, human life and careers.

HP highlight the severity of new, creative attacks in their latest cinematic style video featuring Mr Robot's Chistin Slater.

Ransomware has found a path through traditional network security by disguising itself to staff, relying on human error to start the encryption process. Awareness of how Ransomware attacks an organisation is growing and while this is part of the solution, bolstering your network security is now critical for the IT department to engage in. This is an ongoing cyber war.

Throughout 2016, Silverbug has developed, implemented and managed a suite of security solutions to protect against a high percentage of cyber-attacks. With the correct level of security and backup features, Ransomware finds it much harder to gain access to your network and paralyse business operations.

The three pronged suite is made up of:

  • Email filtering
  • Web filtering
  • Antivirus platform and internet security

The antivirus platform will specialise in dealing with malware on a technical scale, whilst email and web filtering will almost totally eliminate malevolent files slipping through to device users.

Email Filtering

To understand how we prevent Ransomware attacks, we must acknowledge that Ransomware is usually triggered by human error, allowing access to encryption of the system. Clicking on an email from an unknown source, disguised as a business enquiry, a personal giveaway offer or another personalised email that has Ransomware hiding within, can be the fatal moment an employee triggers a corporate catastrophe.

We recommend our customers use one of the best email filtering solutions on the market. We have been advising, deploying and managing this system for many years and have had a lot of success.

One of the hardest challenges is keeping up with new viruses and malware that are released everyday, but with our solution threat definition are updated every few minutes to reduce the amount of new threats that could affect you.

There are multiple layers of analysis to detect threats and every aspect of incoming emails are scanned to address whether they are a potential threat. The downside is that sometimes other emails can get caught in the filter, but it's better to be safe than sorry right?

Our solution also includes a failover service for business continuity. Should something terrible happen the system will keep things running as normal and users are unlikely to notice any server downtime.

Web Filtering

As email filtering does, web filtering filters out potential threats. But instead of emails, it concentrates on websites that are either inappropriate or could harbour malicious threats and malware.

Because of the sophisticated network of servers our solution uses, browsing the website is so much faster when a web filtering solution is used within a business. Being a network of servers, you experience much less online downtime and outages, because another server will pick up your browsing if one fails.

We believe it is one of the cost efficient ways to surf the web safely and consistently. There is no need for 3rd party monitoring software for most businesses and organisations. Specialist environments like schools may need them though.

Web filtering is customisable so you have flexibility in the sites you need to protect against, but at the same time, it is important to work with an IT partner to make sure the solution can defend against known threats.

Antivirus Platform and Internet Security

The third segment of our 3 level solution addresses general anti-virus. In fact, it actually addresses web filtering and email filtering on some level too. Preventing Ransomware needs many layers similar to insulation. The more layers, the more effective.

Although we can not giveaway all the tools we use, hopefully this article will give you the best practices to follow and a strategy that you can rely on. Sleeping at night knowing your network is safer, and understanding how to prevent Ransomware can be priceless. 

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If you're worried about the rising tide of ransomware, that's understandable. What's not understandable is waiting around and doing nothing about it.

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