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9 Steps To Get The Most Out Of Cloud Computing



Cloud doesn’t have to be complex, in fact it's quite simple if you know exactly what you want to get out of it. That said, 63% of UK businesses said that Migrating to Cloud has not met their expectations. This may be due to not properly utilising and making the most of their Cloud Solution.

Here's our 9 simple steps to help get the most out of Cloud Computing.

Step 1. Be Clear With Your Current Business and Future Goals

Cloud Computing isn’t just a service that sits on top of your business, it’s the foundation of your strategy and may alter the way your organisation works. Always keep in mind what your goals are and where you want to be in the future and use Cloud to help you get there.

Step 2. Choose the Most Appropriate Cloud Option

If you’ve read our whitepaper on Cloud Computing, you will know that Cloud offers a variety of different platforms and services. Once you’ve outlined your goals on a deeper level, you will be able to decide which option best suits your business needs.

Step 3. Trial Run

If you’re not completely sure on which option to deploy to your business, it may best to run a trial to observe the changes in Cloud services and get a better understanding of the benefits.

Step 4. Start on a Small Scale

If your still slightly sceptical of migrating to cloud, it’s always good to not over complicate things, especially when you’re not familiar with the technology. Try starting off on a basic Cloud service like email before you scale up.

Step 5. Use All Appropriate Tools Available to You

Cloud Computing gives you the option to either migrate all at once or ease into it slowly over time. When choosing services, you don’t want it to be too complex as there will be a lot of dependencies. Although, you don’t want it to be too simple either as it may not cover everything you need. You want something that will clearly demonstrate the benefits whilst being easy to migrate.

Step 6. Provide Training For All Employees

Migrating to Cloud means introducing a completely new environment to your employees. Considering that all departments within your organisation will need to use the Cloud, it may be best to train everyone for their specific needs and create procedures in order to make this transition as easy as possible. This includes separate training for security.

Step 7. Take Extra Precaution With Security

Even though Cloud has a basic layer of security, it’s always good to implement some extra layers. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, it gives your organisation the freedom to grow while knowing your data is safe.

Step 8. Monitor, Monitor, and Keep On Monitoring

Although Cloud may be the best thing for your company, there’s still an increasing amount of pressure to maintain your on-premises systems. To do this, keep an eye out for issues, or if there are any recurring patterns or problems.

As your organisation continues to grow, keep searching for developing technologies than could benefit your Cloud platform further. This allows you to be more proactive and stay ahead of the game.

Step 9. Listen to the Advice been Given by Professionals

The professionals always know best, they’ve spent a lot of time working on cloud projects and will do everything in their power to ensure you have a smooth transition.

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