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6 Signs You Need To Make The Switch To Cloud Computing



Cloud has become a technical pillar in today’s society and it’s not at all surprising, especially with all it has to offer, such as flexibility, collaboration and reduced costs. It even stands up against the pressures of GDPR compliance. But when exactly is the right time to switch?

There could be many reasons for switching to Cloud - mainly due to the tools and services that could be available to you. For example, better collaboration and increase in productivity. However, some of those may not be in your control. Below is a list of possible reasons you will need to switch.

Possible Situations As To Why You Need To Make The Switch To Cloud

Competitive advantage – You’ve noticed you’ve been falling down the ladder against your competitors. Cloud offers real-time data and mobile access to consistently keep on top of reporting and ROI’s, whilst having the flexibility to manage the workforce.

Partners you work with need it or have already migrated – Once your partners have adapted to the cloud, your business is either going to be further down in the food chain, or you’ll be stopping your partners from obtaining real-time data. Either way, you may be down a few partners. We know that you should never follow a crowd, but to move forward, it’s best to move with the tide rather than against it.

In need of new software – Your software may be out of date and restricting your reach due to compatibility issues. So, you may be forced to move to the Cloud. However, this is not a bad thing. Cloud Computing offers automation on software updates and unlimited amounts of integration possibilities. Not only will you avoid waiting a few hours for an update, but you can also go far beyond your reach in terms of growth.

System infrastructure needs an update – You may have noticed that your office(s) need a complete upgrade in infrastructure, which can be extremely costly. Migrating to Cloud can decrease the cost of this switch, the internal equipment and workload.

When your budget can handle it – You may have saved up to begin the migration to Cloud. The truth is whether you’ve saved up or not, migrating to cloud dramatically reduces the cost in maintenance, support and infrastructure.

Productivity is low – You may feel like there’s a lack of collaboration in the office. This just might be down to the environment they’re working in. Moving to Cloud, increases employee productivity as everything they could possible need is on their system.

Looking For More Information?

When is the right time to switch? Well, the answer to that question is right now. Yes, you read that right. While the work you’re doing is amazing, it’s probably taking you a lot longer to complete tasks compared to your competitors. We know you should never really blame the tools, but in this case, better tools calls for better performance and productivity. However, before you go on a spending spree, look at the below considerations and contemplate what will best work for your business.

• Cost and ROI
• Trials and Testing
• Licencing
• The order of installation
• What Cloud approach will work for you
• What your security needs are
• Any future migration needs

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