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March 23, 2018

We’ve Been Accredited With the ISO 27001 Certification

Silverbug have recently been accredited with the ISO 27001 certification - a standard which..

March 19, 2018

Having a CrySis? Remote Desktop Protocols Might be the Problem

Here's what remote desktop protocols are, why ransomware can easily infiltrate them and what you..

February 1, 2018

Office 365 Versions Comparisons For Non-Experts

Office 365 isn't something you can pick up in a shop like you could with Office XP or 2000, for..

January 23, 2018

What Is The Office 365 External Users Limit?

Let's face it, if the answer was a limit of 5 external users then you'd probably ditch Office..

January 15, 2018

The Pros And Cons Of Office 365 For Business

For any business, moving to Office 365 is a big decision. While moving to a cloud-based platform..

January 9, 2018

Easy To Understand Microsoft Office Version Comparison

It seems like Microsoft never have a day off. They're constantly working to create newer..

January 1, 2018

Is Office 365 Worth It For Business?

Let's face it, if you're searching for a productivity suite to use in your business then you're..

December 28, 2017

Where Is Office 365 Installed?

With all of the talk surrounding Office 365 and the vast amount of innovative features it has,..

December 20, 2017

Office 365 Pros And Cons

You're probably still wondering whether you want to take the plunge and implement Office 365 in..

December 18, 2017

Office 365 Safe Links: What They Are & How To Use Them

Microsoft doesn't mess around when it comes to security in Office 365. Considering it's on the..

December 8, 2017

Key Office 365 Features And Benefits

Considering switching your operations over to Office 365? Of course, you first need to know the..

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