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A quick word on what we do.

You can find out more on the ins-and-outs of what we do on the relevant situation pages, but this page shows what we’re about, rather than what we do.


What we’re about: Expertise and honesty. Passion and positivity.


Expertise is our core value. We’re experts in our field and have no qualms in saying so.

We’re prepared to put our neck on the line and tell you: the service we offer is professional and highly-skilled. That’s why we’re trusted to be partners with the biggest names in Information Technology.

We’re honest with each other and with our customers. If something isn’t right, we raise it. That’s the type of guys we like here at Silverbug. Our internal rule is, if you try to pull somethin’, somebody’ll call you on it. “What you trying to pull?” they’ll say. There’s no hiding at Silverbug.

This honesty makes for a better service.

Honesty is the key to any successful relationship. And this applies to the guys and girls supplying your IT services as much as it does in any other aspect of life. Both parties flourish when both sides are honest.

It works because we have passion for what we do and promote positivity in the face of challenges.

This might sound a bit sales-y, but it’s true.

You might need a new IT provider because the worst case scenario has happened. Your Silverbug experts will thrive on this. They have a passion for rectifying nightmare IT situations. They love improving current processes. They meet every project with a can-do attitude.

Information Technology’s our thing and we live it through and through.

After working at a senior level in IT Departments for Blue Chip companies around the globe, Owen Daley founded Silverbug not long into the new millennium. Contacts and knowledge from the likes of Microsoft, HP, IBM, and many more, ensure Silverbug is built on the strongest of foundations.

A whole lot has happened since we sprung into life in 2002. Untold years of experience now lives under the Silverbug shell and our customers benefit from this every day.

By 2014, we opened our office in Houston, Texas, in order to grow our business on that side of the Atlantic. And, in 2016, our expertise led to us being named as 1 of only 100 trusted Microsoft Managed Partners.

There are approximately 31,000 IT service providers competing for this accreditation, but Silverbug makes the cut.

You can have that elite-level quality working for you.

We’re growing. We have five offices fulfilling our managed IT services. And Silverbug has scope to complete project work for any sized company.

But less about us, let’s talk about you…

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Learn who you'll be working with. We're IT geeks with a fun personality. That's why we've worked with some of the biggest names in the world.


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