MySilverbug: What is it and how does it help my Business?

You may have heard the term ‘MySilverbug’ when we have referred to our IT support services and may be wondering, “What is it and how can it help me?”

Silverbug has always believed in transparency, and we want to give customers a window into our world. Therefore, in January 2020, Silverbug embarked on a project to redesign how we work better with our current customers.

After a considerable amount of research and planning, we designed a platform that enables Silverbug engineers and our customers to collaborate, delivering a great experience for IT administrators and end-users all over the globe. This platform was named MySilverbug!

Initially, MySilverbug began as a support hub for customers, enabling them to work with our service desk and manage any of their ongoing tickets. MySilverbug has now become an online customer hub, offering maximum engagement with our customers, allowing them to manage their IT assets, expand their knowledge and understanding with MySilverbug University courses and much more.

Peter Pendlebury, our Chief Technology Officer, states, “MySilverbug has proven to be an invaluable tool for our customers. It gives those responsible for IT powerful insights into our IT services and fosters collaboration. End-users get a consistent IT support experience and can work with our helpdesk in real time. MySilverbug University courses offer free professional training courses on the most commonly used Microsoft 365 services and applications. We are continuing to invest heavily in MySilverbug and have some exciting features coming soon.”

MySilverbug is available as part of our Enhanced and Enhanced+ Managed IT Support and Silverbug Modern Workplace packages at no extra cost to our customers. Those customers who use the portal can explore the many benefits of MySilverbug, including:

Log IT Support Requests

Using the MySilverbug portal, customers can directly log IT support requests with our helpdesk.

By completing the required form, the engineer will receive all details required to log the ticket, quickly identify the problem and potentially resolve it in the first instance. Not only does it help our engineers manage tickets, but it also guarantees faster resolution times and accurate fixes, ensuring that there is minimum disruption to your day.

Monitor and Manage Tickets and Status Updates

Recently logged a ticket with our service delivery department? MySilverbug offers a comprehensive, real-time dashboard that enables you to monitor your ticket status and updates. That’s not the only thing – from here you can collaborate with your engineer on support requests. All in real-time.

Access to MySilverbug University

MySilverbug University allows you to train your employees to use commonly used applications by enrolling in professional video training courses, including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word, Excel and many more. The best part is that you can track who has enrolled and completed these courses within the reports section of the platform.

Manage Contracts, Invoices and Quotes

With MySilverbug, you can see all Silverbug contracts, invoices and quotes all in one place. With restricted access, you have full control of who can see this information and have the option to keep it to the primary contact, or you can opt to grant additional access to those in your team who need it. 

Request Access to Additional Services

Looking to request an additional service outside an IT issue?  Silverbug has created a new and efficient way for users to make a request, such as new starters, leavers, user permission changes and more. 

Order Equipment, Peripherals, and Licenses

The latest update to MySilverbug included the release of a new feature, which allows customers to order common equipment, peripherals and software licenses. The best part is that you can choose to arrange these to be delivered directly to the office or people’s homes – perfect if you have employees working remotely or are across different locations. 

Manage your Computer Set-up

Do you need to have a new computer set up for someone? MySilverbug has a dedicated request just for that.

Our warehouse is equipped to securely hold plenty of stock for customers, which means that once called upon, they can be set up quickly by our in-house team and dispatched, as and when needed, to the location of the end user. 

Manage Your IT Assets

With MySilverbug, you can find detailed information on all your workstations, laptops and servers within your organisation, including the make, model, serial number, performance, storage, operating system, applications and more! 

If there were any changes in technology and best practices, such as the release of new operating systems, you’ll be able to see how many endpoints will need to be changed at a glance! This way, you will be able to stay on top of the equipment within your business and ensure that it meets your business needs.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Since MySilverbug was launched, it has become very popular with our customers. Therefore, we launched a native Microsoft Teams integration, allowing users to access MySilverbug from Teams in just one click.

MySilverbug can easily be added using the ‘Applications’ feature within Microsoft Teams, making both Microsoft Teams and MySilverbug the epitome of communication and collaboration.

MySilverbug is an important element of our Managed IT Support and our Modern Workplace packages, delivering a seamless view into everything Silverbug, including updating tickets to expanding your knowledge through MySilverbug University. It’s all done through a single portal! 

We know that every company is different. MySilverbug is highly customisable and can be tailored to work perfectly with your organisation. 

If you would like to find out more about MySilverbug and the services we offer, book a meeting with one of the experts. 

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